A Look Inside Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Posted on April 5, 2012


While on holiday in New Delhi, India, we were able to get a day pass to the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2012, one of the many fashion weeks in India.  This fashion week is known as “Asia’s biggest business of fashion event,” as buyers flock in to make purchases on the latest designs.  A combination of fashion shows and exhibits (where designers set up mini stores to showcase their new collections) make up this event and some designers even let you shop the exhibits (even if you’re not a buyer!)  Speaking to several of the designers, we learned that this fashion week is geared towards buyers in the Middle East, such as, Kuwait and UAE so many of the collections feature rich fabrics like velvet and silk, lots of beading and sparkle, and kaftan tops and dresses.

Our expectations were extremely high given that most of the intricate beading and embroidery you see in high-end designer gowns is done in India.  These designers met or exceeded those expectations!

Jatin Varma:
It was a pleasure speaking to him with his exuberant personality and love for what he does.   I bet this excitement comes from dressing celebrities like Katy Perry!   His collection, just like others in attendance, was 100% aimed for the Arab crowd as he has a huge following in Dubai.  The collection had a little more sequins and jewels adorning each piece.  The most common silouette we saw in the collection was a kimono sleeve maxi dress.  We talked about his gown making process and how he is known for making gowns tailored perfectly to your body.  Maybe this is why he is a red carpet favorite!  We learned one fun fact from our conversation:  How did that famous daring green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore at the 2000 Grammy’s stay on?  You would think it’s tape but no, it was a sticky gel!

Jatin Varma's Exhibit

Jatin Varma designs

Geisha Designs by Paras & Shalini:
We saw some really beautiful draped gowns in this showroom!  Interesting bio’s on the designers – one of the them went to medical school before pursuing a career in fashion.  This had to have helped her become an expert in the anatomy of a woman.  Their line is called “Geisha” because their pieces are enchanting like a piece of art.  Every garment, color and cut is perfectly studied and every detail has to be complete.  Check out our favorite gown below, just gorgeous.

Geisha Designs

Our favorite gown in this collection!

Elisha W:
Lots of sparkle and volume was displayed in this collection, too bad there was no show for Elisha W this time.  As a mother of two, she is swamped at home!  You can find her designs in high end boutiques in Delhi; we actually picked one up for ourselves.  We look forward to seeing her gowns on the runway in the future.

Elisha W Designs

Nupur Kanoi:
This Calcutta based designer has very fun, bold clothing with a folkoric edge.  A very artistic, unique approach to Indo-Western wear.  We loved the silhouettes and shapes of the blouses and skirts and the rich fabrics.   Each piece is handicrafted to the tee!

Nupur Kanoi Designs

Soltee by Sulakshana Monga:
This designer is known for her contemporary silhouettes with traditional Indian embroideries and layering.  We felt her gowns were Marchesa-like, especially with the use of chiffon, lace, tulle and super elegant designs.  We even told her this but neither her or her staff knew what Marchesa was!  Anyways, her stuff is amazing!

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