March In Spring’s Mile-High Shoes

Posted on March 30, 2011


We surrender to those chunky, clunky, bulky, sky-high, platform wedges!  Although the newest trends have us at least five inches taller, they also have us walking more comfortably.  How??  Let’s get all scientific . . .

Platform shoes actually prevent foot pain as they keep your foot more flat.  Other heels keep your foot arched which causes a shift in body weight and more pressure on your feet and ankles.  The downside of platform shoes is the fact that they are a lot heavier (to lift while walking) than other heels putting more tension on your legs, knees, and back – but these areas are stronger than our feet and ankles, so we don’t feel the pain as much.  In the end, platform shoes win the battle and are optimum for our little toes! 

So, be that groovy 70’s chick we all want to be this year and march in one of these: