Turning Japanese

Posted on February 2, 2011


The Japanese have the longest life expectancy and Japan has the lowest rate of obesity out of all developed nations.   These are for two reasons:  forced exercise and a healthy balanced diet.  Because Japan has one of the best public transportation systems in the world, people there walk more than people in the U.S.   Japanese food is generally low in fat and preservatives and high in nutrients.  So, instead of flying over the Pacific, just visit these DC area restaurants for authentic Japanese food.

Temari Cafe is a small, very casual Japanese Ramen Noodle House.   Temari’s ramen noodles are so yum and they have so many different kinds that I lost track of what I’ve tried!!  I also order their Spicy Tuna Roll and Tuna Roll.   Their sushi is very fresh and most similar to that served in Japan (no “specialty” rolls).   The huge specialty sushi rolls you see out there are modernized sushi or Americanized sushi.  You know how America loves to SUPERSIZE everything!

Address:  1043 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852
Phone:  301.340.7720

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Sushi Sushi is a small, hole in the wall place known for their very cheap prices and clean, fresh fish.  They do have some Americanized things on the menu but their sushi and udon noodle soup is so delicious!  I always start off with the White Fish Delight appetizer and order their Rainbow Roll, Super White Tuna Roll, and Fancy Roll.  Last time, I also tried the Tuna Tataki appetizer, very good but very spicy!

Address:  3714 Macomb St. NW Washington, DC 20016 (at Wisconsin Ave NW)
Phone:  202.686.2015
Menu:  http://washingtondc.menupages.com/restaurants/sushi-sushi/menu

Finally, we’d like to introduce a new place in downtown Washington, DC called Kushi Izakaya & Sushi.  According to my Japanese friend, an izakaya is a Japanese tapas place/saki bar and they are considered really hip in Japan.  This place is AMAZING!  It’s more expensive than the places mentioned above, but it’s a must-try if you love sushi.  First the first time, I ordered a sashimi set  (I usually mix up sashimi and sushi, because I’m so picky when it comes to sashimi).  We saw how perfectly fresh all their fish looked and couldn’t resist.  They also have Japanese bbq dishes, hotpots, and a variety of other items to choose from.  And to top it all off, their dessert is so delicious – especially the black sesame gelato, which is exclusively made for Kushi.  It was out of this world!

Address:  465 K Street NW Washington, DC 20001 (in Mt. Vernon Square between 4th & 5th St.)
Phone:  202.682.3123
Menu:  http://washingtondc.menupages.com/restaurants/kushi/menu
Website:  http://www.eatkushi.tumblr.com

Bon Appetit!!

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