We Shop at Goodwill and Are Proud of it!

Posted on January 24, 2011


Actually, it’s very common for vintage lovers, vintage sellers, and the fashion forward ones seeking a challenging adventure to shop at flea markets, thrift stores, and goodwill.  It’s like panning for gold – you’ll go through a lot of rubbish to find just a few great valuable pieces.  If that isn’t enough, shopping at Goodwill is a great way to give back to the community, as goodwill employees are usually immigrants, people with disabilities, veterans, and senior citizens. 

Goodwill/Thrift Store Shopping Tips:

But first, there are things you might not want to buy from Goodwill like underwear, bras, lingerie, socks, bathing suits, sheets, and towels.  Everything else is game and we recommend washing/dry cleaning the items before use.  We see lots of name brand, designer clothing at Goodwill and some still have tags on!!  Our favorite Goodwill stores are in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA.  You can find lots of classy, quality vintage pieces in Orlando (probably because of the high number of elderly people – it’s a jackpot!).  The Goodwills in LA are super hip!  You’ll see lots of models and hipsters shopping there. 

Our advice:
     1.  Take your time and be patient, you are sure to walk out there with something super unique or with an amazing deal!
     2.  If something’s broken, fix it!!  For example, we found a gorgeous oversized vintage Elizabeth Claiborne button-down sweater with loose buttons.  It’s an easy fix to re-sew the buttons and then the sweater is in excellent condition!

Flea Market Shopping Tips:

One of our favorite flea markets is the Melrose Trading Post on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood.  Check it out: www.melrosetradingpost.org

Our advice:
     1.  Be aggressive, have your eye on the prize!  Flea markets usually just have one of everything.
     2.  Don’t forget to bargain – the vendors already incorporate this tactic into their prices.  They are expecting you to haggle.

Celeb Facts:

Sarah Jessica Parker is well known for shopping at thrift stores.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen shop at exclusive thrift stores in New York & LA.

Rachel Zoe recommends shopping at thrift stores for vintage clothing (unless it’s for a red carpet event, of course!)

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