Holiday Party Time – What to Wear?

Posted on December 9, 2010


It’s always difficult finding something to wear to a Christmas/Holiday Party, especially when it’s for work!  This year, my Holiday party is during work hours – so piece of cake, it’s just business casual.  But those of you who have cocktail parties, we’ve picked out a bunch of dresses from two of our favorite online stores: Lulu’s ( and Nasty Gal (  Both stores carry both vintage and modern clothing!  Below are some “safe” and risque dresses, sorted by color, for all your holiday events.  And if it’s too late for you to purchase something online, hit the mall and use this as your guide.

Black dresses are great with bright red lips or a super nude lip, plus you can sport sheer black pantyhose with designs such as polka-dots, vertical lines, roses, and vines!  In winter, you’ll see lots of  luscious, textured materials like velvet and lace.  Long, sheer sleeves will also give you that rich elegant look.  Oh, see the bottom right pic with the waterfall hem (short in the front, long in the back), we love it!!

If you need more color, blue dresses are also popular for a holiday party.  If you go blue, make sure your tights are extra sheer because bold black and blue isn’t the best aesthetic combination.

If you really want to stand out, go for a firy red dress, although we did pick some berry and burgundy tones as well.  Same rule applies for your tights, if you plan to wear any – very very sheer!

Finally, if you want to stand out in a more subtle way, consider a pale white/cream dress.  As with your black dresses, you can wear sheer black tights with some sort of print on it.  The contrast will look great, and who said maxi’s are only for the spring/summer?  This maxi below with black tights – HOT!!

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