F&F Introduces Nikalet

Posted on November 11, 2010


I came across the opportunity to interview Nikalet, a high end fashion line specializing in gorgeous belt buckles, belt straps, and bracelets.  Nikalet is made up of two fashion designers and sisters, Nicole Nona and Chantal Becall.  Interviewing them was a blast – their passion for what they do really shows and I loved how excited they were to speak to me about their line.

Nikalet belt buckles, amazing!

Who is Nikalet?
Belt lovers, Nicole and Chantal founded Nikalet three years ago in the Detroit, MI area.  Nicole also does freelance fashion styling and is in her last year of fashion school.  Chantal keeps up with new craft making techniques through handicraft classes, but designing comes to these girls naturally as they have been making belt buckles and other accessories by hand since childhood!

Nikalet’s Story
Nicole and Chantal had “regular” jobs just a few years ago.  In their free time, they designed and created belts to wear out.  Their family and friends soon had the sisters making custom belts for them and it was such a hit, that word spread quickly on how talented these girls are.  As they were making more and more belts, the sisters soon decided to quit their jobs and pursue their passion full time.  They started off opening an online store on www.nikalet.com and participating in local shows.  After lots of hard work networking and believing in themselves, they were able to bring their brand to Miami, sell in 15 boutiques in Detroit and Chicago, and had their name featured on instyle.com and People Magazine’s Style Watch, just to name a few!

What Nikalet Wants You to Know
Nicole and Chantal make everything themselves!  They use crystals, leather, suede, and find vintage pieces to incorporate into their designs to make their pieces exclusive.  Everything is their design and they want people to know they can get something from Nikalet that no one else has.

Nikalet’s Inspiration
Nicole said, “We inspire each other to do something we are passionate about.  When people ask why we are doing this, we always say we are doing it for ourselves because we truly love it.”

Favorite Fashion Designers/Brands
“Everything from mainstream to high fashion – Forever 21 to Marc Jacobs to Coco Chanel (their icon!).  Basically everything that is trendy right now.”

Nikalet’s Products

More gorgeous Nikalet belt buckles


Nikalet's bracelets, high waist strap, Mommy & Me belt, and my FAVORITE belt buckle!!

Belts, belt buckles, high waist straps, and bracelets are currently sold by Nikalet at www.nikalet.com and www.emoda.com.  Their high waist straps can’t be found anywhere else in the belt industry as they own the right to make them!  Their newest product is the popular personalized bracelet that you can engrave anything you like.  Another really popular item is the “Mommy and Me” belt (matching belt for mom and daughter).  Nikalet also takes custom orders!

A Typical Day at Nikalet
According to Nicole and Chantal, everyday is different.  Some days are spent sitting in the studio all day coming up with ideas, some days are spent creating, and others are spent visiting local stores and advertising their products.  The sisters also post new items to their online store every week.  I then asked about the whole belt making process and found out that a belt buckle usually take an hour to make, and longer for more intricate ones.  Nikalet has no workers, just Nicole and Chantal!  They do all the layering, clustering, and three-dimensioning that makes their belt buckles so glamorous and glitzy!

The Future of Nikalet
Nicole and Chantal are working to open more stores and expand into the West Coast.  They also want to add more accessories and clothing to their brand.  They are enjoying all the success that has come so far and are eager to continue following their dreams.

Nikalet’s Advice to Upcoming Fashion Designers (I loooove it!)
“Don’t hold back from your own style, some will like it, some will not.  Don’t be afraid to take risks, stay strong and the sky’s the limit.  Always be true to your inner style and stick to it.”

To read more about Nikalet, visit www.nikalet.com and go to the “Press” tab.  To make a purchase, go to the “Shop Nikalet” tab.