The Infinity Scarf & Neck Warmers

Posted on November 3, 2010


I got a request to do a post on scarves and the various ways to wear them, so I’d like to write about my favorite type of scarf: the infinity scarf.  Infinity scarves were huge last season and are still going strong.  The first celebrity I saw wearing one of these is Lady Gaga with her infamous red riding hood/hooded scarf, also called a “snood.”  They were featured on the runways at Fall/Winter 2009 fashion week and became an immediate sensation!

Infinity scarves are everywhere now – all major department stores carry them.  I really like American Apparel for hooded scarves.  Have a look below and fall in love with the infinity scarve.

Ten Ways to Wear Them:
I researched online and found an awesome article from the Toronto Sun on the many ways to wear your infinity scarf.  My favorites are #3, #4, #6, and #7.

1.  Cowl it – loosely wrap it around your head twice.
2.  Shrug it – cowl it then pull it down over your shoulders.
3.  Turtle it – wrap it tighter around your neck.
4.  Ascot Tie it – fold the scarf in half, hold the loop, wrap around your neck and bring the end into the loop.
5.  Bow it – make a bow and fasten it with a pin or elastic.
6.  Hood it – cowl it then use the part behind your head as a hood.
7.  Collar it – start by cowling it then place it as a bib over your coat.
8.  Accent it – put your ascot tie or bow on the side for an asymmetrical effect.
9.  Bold Necklace – twist it so it’s a tube, then slip one end through the looped end and leave or fasten so it stays.
10. Vest it – use it as a shawl or vest by spreading the upper part over your shoulders and let the rest fall long in front. Place a belt around your waist over the scarf then spread the scarf to the desired volume!

Another must have for the season is a neck warmer (yes, like a legwarmer).  These are just warm decorative cuffs for your neck and were very popular in the 1920’s and 1950’s.  Go fur for a classy lady-like look or go knit and be bohemian.  I love it all – it’s very vintage!

Adrienne Landau Fur Loop

Photo credits:  TopShop, American Apparel, Lulu’s, Urban Outfitters

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