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Posted on October 20, 2010


You don’t have to work the streets to rock out thigh high boots!  This post features a unique website where you can find thigh highs at a VERY decent price (you’ll see what I mean by unique)!  The site is Snaz 75, and the boots I purchased from them years ago are the Legend Pull-On Thigh Boot.  Note: You may want to go a size up, because they are high heeled and pull-on and most importantly, you’d want to wear thick socks underneath.  This will prevent your feet from hurting if you’re wearing them all night. 

Legend 4" Pull-On Thigh Boot $95.99

They are very warm, cozy, comfy, and come in a variety of colors (black, white, brown, red, and blue).  I pull mine out every winter and they’ve even come in handy for a few Halloweens.  Snaz75 is having a 20% off sale until the end of October so I would buy ASAP!  They also ship for free if you spend over $75.  You can also think of them as a two in one boot since the top flap flips over making them knee highs!

How To Wear Them:

Thigh highs do look risque so I would pair them with something loose and short (e.g. shift dress, trapeze dress, long button down shirt, blouson empire waist dress).  Depending on your comfort level, you could also wear a tight mini dress and make it look classy by having long sleeves or by not showing cleavage.  I’ve also worn them over tights or leggings and for a really classy look I’d pair them with longer skirts or dresses so when you sit down and cross your legs, you can’t see any skin at all.  A very mysterious and intriguing look!

Prada is loving thigh highs:



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