Put A Sock In It

Posted on October 13, 2010


Whether they’re short, medium, or long, you must decorate your legs with socks this fall/winter.  You may look like a 60’s schoolgirl or 90’s grunge, but trust me, that’s good!  Socks add some fashion forward quirkyness that everyone else will wish they had.  One important tip:  Contrast your socks with your shoes. 

Socks on the runway, including Paris and NY Fashion Week:

Ankle to calf socks (you don’t have to put your open toe shoes in storage for the winter!)

Thigh high socks with heels:

Knee and thigh high socks with boots:

American Apparel (www.americanapparel.netand Sock Theory (www.socktheory.com)  are great for ankle, calf, knee, and thigh high socks.  The latter has some cool stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else like these tie up socks!!  They are located in NYC but you can easily purchase their stuff online. 

Also see how you can layer your socks and tights.  I love how the cute ankle socks are layered over the leather thigh high tights, which are one piece (pic on right).  You do not want to layer too much – it will make your legs look thicker (two layers is ok).  Socks are supposed to lengthen your legs!

Photo credits:  style.com, Lulu’s, Nasty Gal Vintage, Spanish Moss Vintage, Sock Theory

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