A Day at Sharon’s Barn

Posted on October 1, 2010


One of my bff’s introduced me to Fabulous Finds, www.fabfinds4you.com when I was looking to furnish my new place.  She knows I LOVE anything antique and vintage, so this place was perfect!  The owner, Sharon, sells furniture from her barn in Vienna, VA and her finds are definitely fabulous.  Her prices cannot be beat and the furniture she sells is authentic and beautifully made.  She can even re-paint the furniture for you!

I took the same approach while shopping for furniture as I do for clothes.  I want something fashionable, unique and when people come into my place, I want them to be wow’ed.  There is nothing more unique than antique and vintage furniture.  Plus, you have all that history behind it which makes it even more special.  You don’t want to make your place look like a museum, just a few antique pieces here and there can really make your place look like no other.

Sharon held her Fall Barn Sale this past Saturday and of course I had to go!    Below is a slideshow of pics from the sale followed by the three pieces I bought from Sharon a few months ago – two STUNNING 1920’s – 1930’s dressers painted a gorgeous French country blue and a vintage crystal cherub candelabra lamp! 

Her next barn sale is Saturday, November 6th, 8am – 4pm.   You can get more details by visiting her website.

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