Skinny Mini’s: Get Yourself a Body-Con Dress

Posted on September 16, 2010


Show off your lean bod one more time before it gets cold and get yourself a body-con (short for body conscious) dress.  This trend pairs well with booties (the subject of my first post).  Body-con’s became popular in the 80’s and came back recently as a hot celeb favorite.  Kim Kardashian is widely known for wearing them.  I love Motel dresses, although some are $$, it’s worth it for a special occasion and for its uniqueness.  Cutouts are a plus (for example, the Janine dress has a back cage cutout and the white Lulu’s dress has side cutouts)!!  All pictures are linked to the product (subject to availability).  Enjoy!!

I’m loving the embroidery here.  It’s also padded at the shoulders (strong shoulders are great for making your waist look smaller). They have this one in a few colors too!

Motel Gina Dress - Black with Cream Lace 70.00

 How gorgeous are these sleeves!!

Motel Lena Dress 81.00

 A print like this helps hide undergarment lines and gives the illusion of being slimmer.

Motel Belinda Dress - Tiger 63.00

This one is draped in the front of the top then tight from the waist down (this style is good for top heavy ladies).

Motel Janine Dress - Grape $70.00

 This dress is awesome, I found it on a British website, it was sold out though.

Firetrap Body Con Dress

 This one is from TopShop US.  It’s pretty daring and recommended for those gym rats!

Cut Out Dress by Quontum 90.00

Check out Lulu’s for cheaper options.  NOTE that most of Lulu’s clothing is JUNIOR fit, so read the size chart carefully.

Lulus Dance Remix Ivory Dress 38.00

A pretty color!

Blush with Adventure Party Dress 68.00

This is more of a cutout than a body-con, I like the positioning of these cutouts!

We Belong To the Night Pink Party Dress by Esley 65.00

 Super hot!

Music Factory Black Dress 34.00

And an even cheaper option is Wet Seal, but beware of large chains and places that mass produce.  The secret is to buy something plain, not printed or boldly designed.  That way, you can make yourself stand out with jewelry and accessories.  Look for an upcoming post on inexpensive, unique jewelry to die for!

Cut Elastic Side Dress 22.50

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