Our Favorite Top Model

May 10, 2012


Brittany “McKey” Sullivan is our all-time favorite model from the show “America’s Next Top Model.”  She won ANTM in Cycle 11 in November 2008.  At six feet tall, with mile-high legs and killer features, she takes some amazing shots.  We be-friended her on Facebook and made a little collection of our favorite McKey shots from after the show.  […]

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Gimme More Gunne Sax

April 20, 2012


Gunne Sax dresses have been a favorite of ours since childhood!  Gunne Sax is a clothing label  bought by Jessica McClintock in 1969 and the term is used for 1960’s and 1970’s prairie, medieval, renaissance dresses.  The term comes from “gunny sack,” those burlap bags used to store potatoes and often used for sack races.  This […]

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A Look Inside Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

April 5, 2012


While on holiday in New Delhi, India, we were able to get a day pass to the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2012, one of the many fashion weeks in India.  This fashion week is known as “Asia’s biggest business of fashion event,” as buyers flock in to make purchases on the latest […]

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East Meets West: Head Jewelry for Spring 2012

March 15, 2012


Head jewelry is always the norm in places like Egypt, UAE, and India, especially for brides and formal occasions.   But years ago, the hippie/boho chic vibe was in full effect in the States and their head jewelry may have been inspired by the influx of hippies in Marrakesh, Morocco who made their way over here.  […]

Vintage Handbags and Nail Color?

August 26, 2011


Genius!!  Essie’s new fall 2011 collection features glamourous, classy nail colors resembling the colors of vintage 1940’s – 1950’s handbags.  We love the pale, muted, fall hues that will look great with the subdued hues we saw at NY Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011. BRAND NEW BAG COLLECTION:   Our favorites are Case Study and Power […]

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2012 Miami Fashion Week SWIM Favorites

July 20, 2011


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim just finished in Miami and we’ve selected all of our favorite bikinis, one pieces, and cover-ups!  Our two top favorite swimwear designers are L*SPACE by Monica Wise for her use of fringe and vintage 70’s florals and Norma Kamali for her retro/bridal/lingerie inspirations.  Our other favorites include Poko Poko for their safari […]

In Style This Summer: Color-Coded Eating

July 13, 2011


The Tignum Color Code Body is a great reference to get healthy this summer!  It was developed by Tignum (Institute for Sustainable High Performance) Director of Nutrition, Patti Milligan, in an effort to help people understand that there is a synergistic effect of eating a combination of fruits and vegatables with different pigmentation.  Foods of different […]

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